Contact Lens Services

Family Vision Clinic of Farmington gives each person the best, most thorough eye care possible.  Our eye doctors also  offer the latest treatments utilizing innovative technology. We employ the latest contact lens materials to deliver the clearest, most comfortable vision possible. We offer a wide variety of the most advanced contact lenses on the market.  We are committed to excellence in serving your eye care needs, because we know how much your eye health and appearance can mean to the quality of your life. Our contact lens services includes:

  • Contact lens exam
  • Contact lens fitting
  • Contact lens class and training
  • Specialty contact lens, including Keratoconus

“Appreciated the time spent helping me find the right contact lenses.  It took four different trils to find the right ones and Dr. Rupnow really sought to ensure my full satisfaction.”  -Meaghan

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Contact Lens Insertion & Removal Refresher

Why is proper contact lens care essential for healthy eyes?

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