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Family Vision Clinic of Farmington gives each person the best, most thorough eye care possible.  We employ the latest in eyewear design and prescription lens technology to deliver the clearest, most comfortable vision possible. Outside prescriptions are welcome.

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VisiOffice Technology

The VisiOffice instrument digitally measures how far apart your eyes are (pupillary distance), where your eye looks out of the lens (seg height), how far away your lens is from your eyes (vertex distance), how much your frame wraps around your face (degree of wrap), how much the frame is tilted on your face (pantoscopic tilt) and many other measurements in order to give you the most precise vision possible. Your prescription can be adjusted, using these additional measurements, in order to give you the most accurate form of your prescription when you look out of your glasses. The VisiOffice technology is available to use for both digital single vision and digital progressive lenses. Find your clearest vision today.

Digital Progressive Lenses

Varilux S Series

Discover your unlimited vision with Varilux S Series progressive lens.

Varilux Physio Enhanced Lenses

Digital Single Vision Lenses

Essilor 360 digital single vision lenses with Crizal

Crizal Anti-Reflective UV Lenses

Crizal Anti-Reflective

Crizal Prevencia

Crizal OptiFog

Try Crizal lenses with OptiFog to keep your lenses from fogging up.

Transitions Lenses

Transitions Signature VII lenses

Transitions vs Transitions XTRActive lenses

Transitions Vantage

Check out new Transition Vantage, photochromatic lenses with variable polarization! When fully activated Transition Vantage lenses become polarized.

Polarized & Tinted Sunglass Lenses

Xperio UV Polarized LensPolarized Sunglasses or Tinted Sunglasses with 100% UV protection are recommended for everyone, especially children. 80% of our lifetime exposure to UV rays happens before the age of 20. Visit our office to try on sunglasses for infants, children and adults.

What are Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglass lenses protect against harmful UV rays and reduce blinding glare from the sun. Check out the Polarized Sunglasses demo to see the difference between a tint and polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are available in a range of color options depending on your prescription.

Xperio UV Polarized Lenses

What are the Benefits of Different Sunglass Lens Colors?

Gray = Neutral
Gray lenses will give you the most natural colors and is the most popular color. Recommended for most sunglass wearers.
Green = Soothing
Gray-Green is often known as “RayBan green” or G15. Recommended for pilots and outdoor activities.
Brown = Slight Contrast
Brown will change the colors you view to be slightly warmer. Recommended for outdoor activities.
Amber = Contrast
Amber is recommended for hunting or outdoor activities on hazy days.
Rose = Strong Contrast
Rose is recommended for low light conditions.
Yellow = High Performance Contrast
Yellow is recommended for target shooting, archery or low light conditions.
Blue = Definition
Blue or Blue Violet is recommended for golf, tennis and other activities that require hand-eye coordination.

Computer Lenses

Are you using a computer? Essilor Computer Lens is a progressive lens designed to give you the widest vision when working on the computer.
Essilor Computer Lens

Sports Glasses

Protect your eyes while playing sports. 27% of all eye injuries are sports related. That number increases to 40% for children between the ages 11 – 14. Sports glasses are available in clear, transitions and polarized polycarbonate lenses.

Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes while on the job and around the home. Vision loss is one of the top 10 disabilities. 90% of these injuries are preventable. 45% of all disabling eye injuries happen at home. All of our Safety Glasses are ANSI approved.